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name: Lily
gender: Female
age: TeeDanger
nationality: Chechen

I'm just a girl who is trying to glue the pieces back together..

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The War Against Islam

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[ 05:05am @ Wednesday, 8/20/08 ]

[ 08:31pm @ Wednesday, 5/30/07 ]

Worlds Collide

You gazed in my direction,
as I lifted my head down.
You sensed the rejection,
when all I did was frown.

You tried to make small talk,
Yet I rejected to hear you out.
You asked me out for a walk,
Yet I refused without a doubt.

You had it all, the kindest soul,
a smile that melted many hearts.
Underneath you played a role,
which I saw right from the start.

Do broken promises lie side by side?
I wonder as I walk by in the hallway.
Did our worlds choose to collide?
Or did mine choose to walk away?


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[ 03:18pm @ Friday, 4/27/07 ]

[08] Sons of Jim/ Jamie Dornan Banners


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[ 01:59pm @ Friday, 4/27/07 ]

A Second Chance

It happened on a gloomy day,
I weaved and lost control.
I thought I’d see the end of it,
But God refused to take my soul.

My fate was shattered on the spot,
I heard a sound and saw clear skies,
Like an endless murky dream,
I saw life pass before my eyes.

"Dear Lord", I shout, "please set me free,
for I have goals yet to achieve".
I caught a frown that turned into a smile,
followed by a whisper, “I shall relieve”.

My eyes unlock, my heart starts beating.
Is this reality or am I dreaming?
I look to my right and see them staring,
I calm myself as I start tearing.

On my left, a paramedic yells,
”You’ll be alright, I give my word",
Feelings of despair start to overtake,
as my heart is stricken with a sword.

Did I deserve a second chance?
I can not say, yet I feel blessed.
On my journey down to the ground,
I felt no longer dispossessed.

I know not how I still stand here,
but how I owe my life to Him,
For He has let me back on Earth,
by shining light to a soul once dim. 


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[ 10:24pm @ Saturday, 4/7/07 ]

Hope ya'll like these! :)
Pictures taken in Amsterdam and Dubai.

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[ 09:06pm @ Thursday, 4/5/07 ]
I'm on a short break, and I couldn't resist not making icons out of these pictures:

[11] Gaspard Ulliel NEW

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Gaspard-o Ulliel-o!Collapse )
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[ 09:49pm @ Thursday, 2/15/07 ]
I will be updating this entry throughout the month.

1024 x 768 pixels
[02] Chechen Fight Club
[01] Jeux D'enfants

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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[ 09:26pm @ Sunday, 2/11/07 ]

What I Hate About You

I hate the way you make me laugh,
and the times you make me cry.
I hate it when you always chaff,
And the way you say goodbye.

I hate it when you say you’ll call,
And leave me knowing the unknown.
I hate it when you stumble & squall,
acting like a hotshot king on a throne.

I hate the way you pretend to care,
And when you call me your shining star.
I hate the way you steal my breath of air,
while you’re softly playing the guitar.

I hate how you always match your clothes,
and when you have nothing left to say.
I hate it when you give me a bouquet of roses,
And how you make me smile.. every single day.

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[ 07:32pm @ Saturday, 2/3/07 ]
Just posting icons that I've already made. More soon.

[XX] Gaspard Ulliel NEW
[19] Fashion Icons

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Fashions fades. Style is ETERNAL!Collapse )
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[ 11:26pm @ Wednesday, 12/27/06 ]

Thoughts of Tomorrow

I’m sitting in a bedroom corner with all my windows shut,
picturing tomorrow as my dreadful memories begin to rot.
Am I a prisoner of a compound mind, a lost and tortured soul?
Playing with my head are thoughts that are digging up a hole.

They say I ought to stop living in an isolated world,
by slightly whispering to me, as bedtime stories of my mind unfold.
They say they’re there to prove that my biggest enemy is myself.
And while I try to stay strong, I ask God for His forgiveness and for help.

If I loose the key to my heart and soul, would You help me find it?
And if I lose the right path to darkness, will You help me fight it?
I know I can count on You, for that is why I’m still standing here.
Looking up to You, knowing that one day You’ll rinse away my fear.

I fear tomorrow, for yesterday seems like long lost miles away,
I fear that one day I’ll wake up only to realize that life has gone astray.
I fear that these thoughts of mine might rip apart my mind,
But most of all, I fear that You might take away another of my kind.

Someday. Somehow. I promise, I will learn to cope.
Sometime. Somewhere. I will lay out the best laid plans and hope.
I will hope that fate does not intervene and surprise me in any way.
For if it does, I don’t think I’ll have the strength to look forward to another day.
To You, I pray.
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[ 01:39pm @ Sunday, 12/17/06 ]
This is a short film called "The Follow" starring Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, and Adriana Lima.
If anyone knows the song that is playing in the background, please let me know.

There is always something waiting at the end of the road.
If you're not willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place.
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[ 01:13pm @ Thursday, 12/7/06 ]
This icons post will be updated throughout the month.

A HUGE thank you goes out to http://www.gaspardulliel.net

[15] Friday Night Lights
[12] Gaspard Ulliel
[21] Various icons

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Je suis dans le paradis. I'll be back in a while. :PCollapse )
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[ 05:11pm @ Saturday, 12/2/06 ]

One of my previous pictures ended up on a Photography website.
So this time around, the photos are a lot smaller, and well.. they are watermarked! :D

This was actually taken by my brother.
So technically, it's Dookie's photography! :P

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[ 02:59am @ Saturday, 12/2/06 ]

"Some You Give Away" Music Video
I might edit it later, since I didn't quite put all the effort into it.
But nevertheless, I hope ya'll enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed making it.
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[ 05:58pm @ Saturday, 9/9/06 ]
[15] Jessica Alba
[09] Sean Faris
[04] UserInfo Banners
[09] Gaspard

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[ 12:00pm @ Friday, 8/18/06 ]
[06] Josh Hartnett [new]
[09] So You Think You Can Dance? [new]
[12] Jessica Alba

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Rest-OCollapse )
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[ 12:00pm @ Friday, 8/18/06 ]

"All You Need Is One"
..first OTH video I ever made..

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone.
And do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come.
Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."
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[ 11:30am @ Friday, 8/18/06 ]
[15] Jessica Alba
[10] Robert Hoffman
[05] Channing Tatum

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[ 11:27am @ Friday, 8/18/06 ]
To my dearest Mom

The gentle touch, the softest kiss,
the stroke, that’s like a heaven’s bliss.
The way you hug me, and hold me in your arms,
you bound me with your precious charms!

The sweetest voice, the cutest smile,
you brighten my life from the distant miles.
You were sent to me straight from above,
the gift of life and the definition of love!

You’re my guardian angel, we'll never part,
you mean the world to me - you are my heart.
Want you to remember my words every single day,
I LOVE YOU, MAMA - and that’s all I ever want to say!

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[ 11:26am @ Friday, 8/18/06 ]
The horrifying images of the Chechen war

Bodies are shattered on the floor,
corpses are lying by the door.
Mothers are screaming loud and clear,
”Allah, help me find my missing child down here!”

Countless families are torn apart,
these cold images have broken many hearts,
Brothers and sisters are separated right at birth,
lost in this distant world called Earth.

Can no words explain the aching pain,
Of watching your loved ones pass away in vain.
And can no words explain the excruciating heartbreak,
Of a mother holding her child, who’s no longer awake.

Our brothers are ready to sacrifice their souls,
to achieve this life's destined goals.
And throughout all these tragic years,
our land has shed infinite tears.

…And yet they still strive to abolish our nation,
killing one by one of Allah’s finest creation.
Trying hard to send our younger generation astray,
yet knowing they can NEVER take our pride away!

April 2005

My first ever poem that got published in "Twilight Musings". :)
Year 2005. Book editor - Howard Ely.
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